Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

Time: 10 a.m.–2 p.m

Place: The hike departs from Andy Lee Field, Woodstock, NY.

Discover the Cairns and Effigy Walls of Overlook Mountain

A 4 hour hike with NYS DEC licensed OMC guides Dave Holden and Glenn Kreisberg, will discuss the following:
Who made the stone structures in our woods and on our mountainsides? When were they made and for what purpose? How was the land used by those long ago?

Quarries, property boundaries, survey markers, stone walls, cairns, standing stones, astronomical alignments, star maps and effigies.
Could there be more to the story we still don’t fully understand?
Discuss indigenous culture and ancient times in our region Including Landscape Archaeology and Archaeoastronomy

Call or email to register for this or any OMC hike. Call  845 417 8384; or 845 594 4863;

Dress for the spring forecast with layers.Bring lunch or snack and some water.
Moderate to mildly strenuous hiking involving walking on steep slopes and stepping over downed trees and dead logs.

Well behaved dogs and donations are welcome.