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Identifying, documenting and protecting Native American Ceremonial Stone Landscapes (CSL) as Importnat Resources of Cultural Significance.

“Let the Landscape Speak”    ~Doug Harris Dep. Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island (Retired) & OMC Board Member


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 Since 2013 Overlook Mountain Center (OMC) has been creating and conducting educational, cultural and community building programming celebrating ceremonial stone landscapes (CSL) in our region, as exemplified by the Lewis Hollow Site on Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, NY. We now embark on a new phase of program and research development,

Overlook Mountain Center, partnering with tribal members of the United Southern and Eastern Tribes (USET), as well as other state and federally recognized tribes, including tribal historic preservation offices (THPO) and cultural resource managers (CRM), using local Indigenous knowledge, will endeavor to develop and conduct programming and research that promotes a better understanding of these special, spiritual places, in their proper cultural context and with the respect they deserve as priceless resources of cultural significance for all people.

We hope to support this endeavor through Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) established between United Southern and Eastern Tribes (USET) tribal participants and local authorities, i.e. town boards, historical societies, historic commissions, county planners and state regulators, such as the DEC and DEP.

Bringing some of these sites into public consciousness for the first time will build bridges of understanding and good will between peoples that have had strained, mistrustful relationships for far too long. We hope that through this effort that can now begin to change.

Please consider joining our cause and volunteering. We seek creative, resourceful, friendly, open minded people to help us fulfill our mission.

Contact OMC: 845-417-8384 | P.O. Box 1278, Woodstock, NY 12498

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OMC Chairperson Glenn Kreisberg has recently published a book about his 10 year quest to understand the lithic constructions found in the backwoods of the northeast, including the Lewis Hollow site on Overlook Mountain. When you purchase a copy of Spirits in Stone from the OMC website, you receive a 10% discount PLUS 10% of the proceeds are donated to Overlook Mountain Center.

My new book, Spirits in Stone, will be out April 10th, from Bear & Co. In it I document over a decade of research into man-made stone constructions in the backwoods of the northeast, with a focus on the Catskill and Shawangunk mountains of New York. I examine the potential origins and purposes for a myriad of different types of old stone structures found on the land, including walls, cairns, perched boulders, effigies and more. I also examine important sites around the world for insights into ancient megalithic culture. In the northeast U.S., as elsewhere, the patterns revealed through the eye of landscape archaeology and archaeoastronomy speak to the sophisticated belief system of an ancient population that understood the complex movements of the night sky and integrated those beliefs into their lives and world view. I believe they accomplished this through the cultural practice of celestial observation, landscape manipulation and monument construction, as well their travels and contacts with peoples from other regions and parts of the world. This is controversial information, as generally for our region, this is not accepted to be true by conventional historians. I hope this book helps change that view.

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Contact OMC: 845-417-8384 | P.O. Box 1278, Woodstock, NY 12498

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