Current OMC Programming:

Programs which focus on environment, culture and community, for which the Overlook Mountain Center will be an educational base..

Recently Held Group Tour & Talk

Overlook Mountain Center Programs Overlook Mountain Center Programs Overlook Mountain Center Programs

Glenn Kreisberg, Overlook Mountain Center (OMC) Guide, talks to 3rd grade students, teachers and parents from Mtn. Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, during a field trip to the Overlook Mountain Pertoform Preserve in upper Lewis Hollow.

The newly acquired 37 acre site, purchased for preservation and research, was used for encampments by woodland Indians for thousands of years and contains evidence of Native American rock shelters, as well as, past bluestone quarrying activity, colonial survey markers and subdivision walls.

To schedule a group tour or talk or to attend a scheduled workshop please contact Overlook Mountain Center at 845 417 8384 or
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OMC Fundraising Hikes and Workshops:

  • Half-day workshops exploring landscape archaeology and archaeoastronomy in our region.

  • PowerPoint Presentation and Tours
  • Who made the stone structures in our woods and on our mountainsides?

    When were they made and for what purpose?

    How was the land used by those long ago?

    Quarries, stone walls, stone mounds, property boundaries, survey markers, standing stones, star maps, astronomical alignments and effigies. Could there be more to the story we still don't fully understand? Find out!

    OMC will help you learn to read the forested landscape, as you discover the clues that unlock its past.

    No walk in the woods will ever be the same.

    Year Round Interpretive Tours:

    Experienced NYSDEC licensed outdoor guides conduct interpretive hiking tours of Overlook Mountain.

    • Mysteries of Overlook Mountain:
    • Tour the Great Cairns, effigy walls, a star constellation constructions located on Overlook.

    • California Quarry:
    • Tour the remnants of a mid 19th Century bluestone quarry featuring extraction sites, quarry roads, quarry pools, test sites and worked stone.

      p> Tour the Great Cairns, effigy walls, a star constellation constructions located on Overlook.

    • Early Tourism
    • Tour locations visited by Overlook Mountain House guests. Summit hikes to the ruins of the Overlook Mountain House and nearby natural attractions.

    • Landscape Archaeology & Archaeoastronomy

    Tour sites in Woodstock and the Catskills, which display effigies and sky alignments, features of these universal construction elements.

    Call 845 417 8384 to schedule a guided hike with Overlook Mountain Center for you or your group.

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    Photo Gallery and Links

    Explore the gallery and links below to discover interesting information and resources related to OMC proposed programing.

    Colonial and Early American History

    Colonial Glass Cutters


    Alf Evers
    Overlook Hotel
    Cairn on Overlook

    Interpretive Tours

    KTD Monastery
    Overlook Mountain Trail Head
    Tannery Brook

    Outdoor Education

    Art and Hippie Culture
    Native American History

    Photos are courtesy of the Alf Evers Collection, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild.


    The links below are to organizations that have a common mission with OMC.