It's been 3 years since Overlook Mountain Center (OMC) made the news in its endeavor to preserve land in Lewis Hollow and provide cultural programming related to Overlook Mountain and its environs.

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In the past year our new nonprofit has been very busy and a lot has happened: All the land we set out to preserve has been secured and is no longer on the market and at risk of development.

Below is the list of milestones and accomplisments acheived over the past year.

  • One
  • The upper 37 acre Lewis Hollow lot was purchased by a local private family foundation, for education, preservation and research of the historic and possible prehistoric stone constructions present on the property. The features include some Hardenburgh and Livingston property line stone walls as well as which may be Naive American and ceremonial in origin.

  • Two
  • The lower 45 acre lot was purchased by a private individual, who lives in Lewis Hollow, and a 'forever wild' deed restriction has been placed on the land, protecting it from development.

  • Three
  • OMC has been carrying out interpretive tours and programming including group walks, talks and workshops on landscape archaeology, archeaoastronomy and local history. Participants included school groups such as the 3rd graders from Mtn. Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, this past May.

  • Four
  • OMC applied for, received and implemented a grant from the NYS Council for the Humanities, to facilitate a community adult reading and discussion group on the topic of "work in our community over the years." This was carried out at the Historical Society between March and June.

  • Five
  • OMC also has some additional plans for the future including facilitating the purchase and protection of an additional 30 acres of land in Lewis Hollow, which includes a rustic 2000 sq ft. building to be used as the Overlook Mountain Center (OMC) and proposing an creating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) limited mobility wildernesses access area, which would allow for people in wheelchairs or scooters, to get up-close and personal with nature. Visitors would use a raised decked walkway to enter the woods and be surrounded by nature, above, below and all around. compliant wildness access areas exist and I don't believe there are any nearby.

    This is the OMC vision that speaks to our mission oF promoting and supporting the environment, culture and community, on and around Overlook Mountain.

For more information, call: (845) 417 8384

Thank you for your support!


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January 25, 2014, Woodstock, NY -- The Overlook Mountain Center has received a grant from the New York State Council for the Humanities to establish a community reading and discussion program focusing on the evolving role of work in the Woodstock community.

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